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Our world is experiencing a major health crisis that we have never seen before. According to the CDC six in ten adults in the U.S. have a chronic disease. Four in ten adults in the U.S. have two or more chronic diseases. The leading cause of death in the U.S. is chronic disease. What people don’t realize is 70 to 80 percent of all chronic diseases are due to our lifestyle choices. Disease starts after decades of nutrient deficiency. We can take our health back by controlling what we buy, cook, and put in our mouth. We often intuitively know what we should be doing to create an optimum healthy life but we just don’t do it.

Health Coaching Process

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Symptoms are your body’s way of talking to you, sending the message that there is dis-ease or imbalance in the body. Using the functional approach we will reveal the root cause(s) of your health problems instead of just managing symptoms. Through an in-depth history and specialized non-invasive functional testing, we will reveal hidden sources of inflammation that sabotage your health and well being.


Based on your test results, a personalized health plan will be created just for you. Think of it as your roadmap to optimum wellness; supportive foods for well being with targeted supplementation, more restful sleep, appropriate exercise, stress reduction, self care and more.

YOU WILL be empowered to make decisions that support your optimum health and happiness.


Based on my training and personal experience, I believe the body will heal itself given the right nutrients and supportive lifestyle practices. The body is more than a machine but a springboard for your spirit. Once empowered to take charge of your health as a lifelong pursuit, your body and spirit will be renewed and thrive as never before.

I’m here to inspire you to grow naturally toward total wellness.

Nutrition Response Testing®

Reveal △ Balance △ Renew

Would you like to achieve a whole new level of vital health naturally?
Nutrition Response Testing® (NRT) is a safe, non-invasive, natural method of analyzing the body’s physical and nutritional needs. It can quickly locate food intolerances, immune stressors, toxins, and identify appropriate nutritional needs that help you regain energy and vitality.

It’s probably different then anything you’ve ever tried before. The wonderful part is that is works. NRT uses a form of muscle testing, or applied kinesiology, used to assess the body’s neurological reflexes. Each reflex tested represents a specific organ, tissue, or function and indicates the effect that energy or lack of energy is having on the body. By using this technique we are able to identify underlying stress or weakness in the body’s systems and organs, which may be affecting your overall health. We are looking for the underlying cause of your symptoms, not merely trying to alleviate the symptoms. Based on the results from Nutrition Response Testing® and thorough health history we recommend specific whole food nutritional and herbal supplements along with dietary and lifestyle recommendations to help the body return to its natural balance.


I am much more in control of my health...

“As soon as Susan told me about her work as a health coach I begged to work with her. It was a transformative experience. Susan has a wealth of knowledge she shared with me, but most important, her sole motivation was to improve my life and everything we did was to that end. She is such a geniunely caring person. She meets you where you are, pushes with compassion, and never judges. We looked at all aspects of my health. She was truly on the journey with me. And the other end, I am much more in control of my health and I know my body and its signals and how to re-balance if needed.”

-Stephanie M.

I am restored in mind and body!

“Thanks to Susan’s knowledge, expertise and guidance she was able to pinpoint the reasons for my food cravings, weight gain, feelings of anxiety and lack of concentration and energy. She customized a plan that met my individual needs, kept me motivated and on track until I reachd my goals. Through her passion, humor and commitment to me I now am truly restored and balanced in mind and body! Thank you.”

 -Kathy F.

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