I struggled for years with head and neck tension that felt debilitating....

“I couldn’t track down the cause and tried so many different things from changing my diet, massage, yoga, different medicines, and nothing seemed to work. In addition, I used to get UTI’s frequently and now its very rare that I get one now. My eczema is also completely gone. Susan made me feel truly understood and I was so excited to finally have help that worked. She was patient, took her time explaining everything and cared about me. She went out of her way to provide her contact information so I could reach her when not in the office if I had questions. I could tell that she had excellent experience and knowledge in her field. Susan gave me the confidence to find alternatives when all that you’ve tried isn’t working. She opened up a whole new world of health information and possibilities. I am so grateful for the hope I’ve gained for a better/healthy lifestyle and getting answers about the causes of health issues (not just treating symptoms).”

-Jen K.

I am much more in control of my health...

“As soon as Susan told me about her work as a health coach I begged to work with her. It was a transformative experience. Susan has a wealth of knowledge she shared with me, but most important, her sole motivation was to improve my life and everything we did was to that end. She is such a geniunely caring person. She meets you where you are, pushes with compassion, and never judges. We looked at all aspects of my health. She was truly on the journey with me. And the other end, I am much more in control of my health and I know my body and its signals and how to re-balance if needed.”

-Stephanie M.

I am restored in mind and body!

“Thanks to Susan’s knowledge, expertise and guidance she was able to pinpoint the reasons for my food cravings, weight gain, feelings of anxiety and lack of concentration and energy. She customized a plan that met my individual needs, kept me motivated and on track until I reachd my goals. Through her passion, humor and commitment to me I now am truly restored and balanced in mind and body! Thank you.”

-Kathy F.

I went to Susan because I was having a number of minor but chronic health issues that weren't going away...

“Before working with Susan, it would take me hours to fall asleep at night, I had acid reflux, nasal drip, acne, mild stomach aches, unpredictable mood swings. Now, after four months of response testing with Susan and taking her recommended supplements, all those chronic symptoms have gone away. Her therapy extended beyond response testing as well. She would also recommend lifestyle changes that could help improve my wellbeing. Susan is an incredibly kind and warm person. She made me feel cared for during each visit, and I am incredibly grateful for her and her expertise.”

-Cari D.

Before seeing Susan, I struggled with several chronic issues...

“Before seeing Susan, I struggled with chronic sinus issues, poor gut health, and severe acne. Susan took the time to listen to my concerns and struggles and patiently answered all my questions. She was able to quickly identify what had caused years of chronic headaches and provided me with everything I needed to begin healing by body. I am so grateful for Susan’s encouragement and kindness on my journey and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to heal their body naturally!”

-Ashlyn G.

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